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Our team works with organizations of all sizes, taking care of your employees and their families. We understand the importance of employee attraction and retention, and how the investment in your group benefits program directly affects maintaining a stable and healthy workforce. We are leaders in benefits and retirement with solutions to match your unique organization.

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Cora Ramirez,
Executive Director of People & Culture, Pomeroy Lodging

When we went to market to search for a broker, it was important to us that we found a team who not only supported but embodied our Core Values. Silverberg Group has been a perfect partner for our organization, helping us to establish a clear direction of where we wanted to go with our group insurance plan based on the unique nature and needs of our business. They guided us to redesign our plan and select the right group insurance provider offering the right insurance coverage at the best possible price.

We have regularly scheduled meetings to review the health of the plan. We discuss modifications we could make and considerations for the future. These conversations are educational and inspirational; always talking about how our plan is doing against our goals. Whenever we have a situation that needs special attention, Shannon and Paul are responsive to our calls and are helpful finding solutions.

Working with Silverberg Group adds a dimension to benefits that we’ve never had previously.

Michael Knapp,
Vice Chairman and General Counsel, AirSprint

We’ve had just a fantastic experience with Silverberg Group. The expertise that was offered in each department was a real benefit to us. We felt like we had somebody fighting for us, someone in our corner, not just the vague insurance industry as we had previously experienced. The results we saw in the first year were 25-50% reduction in our premiums. If somebody approached me and was looking for a new plan advisor, I’d say first and foremost call the Silverberg Group. The reasons I’d say that is they take a team approach, they’re very easy to deal with, and particularly in the insurance industry having a strong relationship and a trust relationship is critical. They’ve always been in our corner and it’s been an easy and very professional relationship for us.

Virginia Engel,
President, Canadian Bar Insurance Association

The Lawyers across Canada are in good hands with our authorized representatives, including the Silverberg Group for Alberta. One of the important factors for us with the Silverberg Group is the fact that they have offices in Edmonton, Red Deer, and Calgary. They offer experience and breadth of knowledge and the ability to call them and get a call back that day, or the next day, so that you know that who’s ever insurance needs are required are being met. They’re very professional, they are experienced, they are extremely knowledgeable, and they offer as good a result as you’re going to get anywhere else.”

our team

At Silverberg Group we believe that a talented and dedicated staff is what truly sets us apart from other advisors.

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